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About Esterel Technologies

Esterel Technologies is the worldwide leader of model-based design, verification and code generation tools for mission and safety-critical embedded systems.

Esterel Technologies is a privately held company with headquarters in Elancourt, France and U.S. Headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, with direct sales offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and China.

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About Esterel SCADE

The Esterel SCADE® family of products offers an integrated design and development environment for mission and safety-critical embedded software applications. The core products in the family, SCADE Suite® and SCADE Display® offer graphical design entry, verification through simulation and formal methods, and certified code generation. These products also include integrated requirements management, configuration management, and automatic documentation generation, shortening the time-to-certification.SCADE Suite is the market leading model-based development environment dedicated to mission and safety-critical embedded software.

SCADE Display is the leading edge embedded graphics design and development environment dedicated to mission and safety-critical display systems in aerospace and defense, industrial, energy, medical, and transportation applications. SCADE Display has been qualified under DO-178B to level A for Military and Aerospace Industries.