LISTEREL Critical Software Lab

Esterel Technologies and the CEA LIST Institute form a joint R&D lab, the "LISTEREL Critical Software Lab" to Advance Critical Systems and Software Development Tools and Processes

CEA LIST and Esterel Technologies Researchers and Development Team to Collaborate and Commercialize Critical Systems Technologies

Esterel Technologies, the leading worldwide provider of model-based development solutions for mission and safety-critical systems, and the CEA LIST Institute announce their formal partnership to develop and bring to market advanced mission and safety-critical systems design technologies. First designed and developed by CEA LIST' teams, these solutions will be commercialized through Esterel Technologies development, marketing, and sales channels.

The LISTEREL Critical Software Laboratory was formed as a result of initial cooperation within the framework of the System@TIC Paris-Region innovation cluster Usine Logicielle project, as well as the European FP7 INTERESTED project coordinated by Esterel Technologies.

Our collaboration with CEA LIST will extend Esterel Technologies' leadership position in the critical embedded software modelling and verification market by adding unique enabling technologies to our SCADE® product family. For our customers, this means they will continue to have the industry's most advanced critical modelling and development solutions available. This partnership will enable their development teams to be more productive while developing safer applications in shortest time-to-certification windows. While the scope of our cooperation with CEA spans across all markets, it is also worthwile to note that the nuclear systems Instrumentation and Controls design tools market is also rapidly expanding with Esterel playing a very active role in key projects worldwide, said Eric Bantegnie, President and CEO of Esterel Technologies.

This partnership is a perfect example of the dynamic collaboration policy that CEA has put in place to facilitate advanced technology transfer towards innovative SMEs. We are particularly happy to strengthen our links with Esterel Technologies, that has emerged in the last years as being the worldwide leader of mission and safety critical embedded systems development tools, said Riadh Cammoun, Director of CEA LIST.

Collaboration is already underway and without divulging detailed future plans, the Esterel Technologies-CEA LIST team has been focusing on some of the key inhibitors to safe critical system development, including system design, numerical precision of algorithms, and advanced safety and verification solutions. The joint research team will be transitioning advanced technologies into the SCADE product family throughout 2010 and beyond.